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Digitizing Service

Nothing can beat the unparalleled quality of digitizing service and digitizing designs we give thru an exceptional team of expert digitizers.

Logo DigitizingEnable your Logo build your brand and serve your purpose by Logo Digitizing! View more

Puff DigitizingAlways stay original and unique for supreme success through Puff Digitizing! View more

Gloves DigitizingLet your hands get engaged in great deeds through Gloves Digitizing! View more

Sleeves DigitizingGet in fashionable style and achieve professional appeal with Sleeves Digitizing!
View more

Towel DigitizingPersonalize your towel and let your product build your brand with Towel Digitizing! View more

Cap DigitizingPersonalize your headwear and add power in your performance with Cap Digitizing! View more

Aplique DigitizingGet your personal and commercial apparel be creatively embroidered for a captivating look with Applique Digitizing! View more

Apron DigitizingShine your service and give taste to your apparel with Apron Digitizing! View more

Digit Place Difference


Artwork always has been the finest service of our digitizing team. Digit Place helps give your clever imagination to bring it to the digital world. With the help of our expert and creative department. read more

Commercial and Home Embroidery

Digit Place offers Commercial and Home Embroidery service that every person will adore for sure. We can make your customization ideas be materialized through your daily wear and accessories as well. read more

Career Apparel and Uniforms

Career Apparel and Uniforms service package lets your business be recognized by make it known through the clothes you are wearing such your uniform. read more

Free consultation/estimates

Digit Place wants to have smooth transactions with you that we put up this package named Free Consultation/Estimates. We are pretty sure that you have lots of queries in mind and some smart ideas you want to materialize. read more